Friday, December 13, 2013

A Flute series - part 1

A Flute series - part 1
 A flute series  (quena, etc.) 
(see note at end)

  One A quena  made from 3/4" pex (1) and 
Two A quenitas made from 1/2" pex (249-302) (below)
   (249 & 302 are mini's known as quenitas)
#1  "Colonel Bogey" named for the character from Bridge on the River Kwai. Early "A" prototype of mine, not in the correct scale.
#249  "Table night" for the night of the tables at the Thursday night meeting the night it was titled.
#302 "High Country" for the twin fiddle tune of Kenny Baker's that is often played by Dennis Fetchet (& Steve Rosenstein) at Vincenzo's.

 Three A quena (s) made from 3/4" pex: (below)
#64  "Richard Greene" for the British actor of Robin Hood TV fame, etc.

#161  "Cab Calloway" for the Jazz singer, band leader and dancer of note primarily in the 1930's and 40's.

#186   "Inaka regular"  for our regular customers at Inaka back in 1977-1980. This piece Sold to Neal (3-8-14)

 Two A quena (s) made from 3/4" pex: (below)
#78  "Lady Madonna" for the Beatle song of the same name.

#106  "Sam Axe" for the character in the Burn Notice TV show, played by Bruce Campbell.

Three A quena (s) made from 3/4" pex: (below)
#110  "Aunt Bee" for the character from the 60's Andy Griffith show.

#319  "Prayer for Peace" for original name of the St. Frances prayer, which I made on 7-19-13.

#413   "Pepper Tree Disaster"  for a backyard event from November of 2013.

 Three A quena (s) made from 3/4" pex: (below)
#156  "Mount Harrisa" for the mountain named in the Ellington composition.

#157  "Dali" for the great artist.

#158   "Vincenzo's"  for the Pizza parlor on Lyons(off Hwy 5) in Newhall that has hosted bluegrass on Saturday night for over 20 years, thanks to Bob the owner.

Most of these pieces are available. E mail, message or text for a quote. Once you've decided on a piece,  e mail me at: and I can send you a Pay Pal invoice, then ship it to you as soon as possible once payment is received.

Pieces missed will appear in a later part of the series  including any A shakuhachi's
and A minors.

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