Wednesday, November 20, 2013

G flute series: part 1

G flute series  (quena, etc.) 
(see note at end)

Three G quena (s) made from 3/4" pex: (below)
#13  "Little John" named for the character from Robin Hood.
#14  "T-Bone shuffle" for the great tune by T-Bone Walker.
#47 "Red Allen" for the jazz trumpet great.
Three G quena (s) made from 3/4" pex: (below)
#49  "Marx Bros" for the comedy team of stage & screen.

#51  "Union Station '63" for my arrival in LA 8-22-63 at Union Station.

#94   "Ahhhh..."  for Patty from 6AM.
 Three G quena (s) made from 3/4" pex: (below)
#53  "God Save the Queen" for the tune in G (childhood memory).

#95  "Billy Strayhorn" Duke Ellington's altar ego,  composer and jazz great.

#114  "Zsa Zsa" personality which I saw at the Beverly Hills PD lobby one day.

 One G quena (s) made from 1" pex: (below)
#63  "Leo Carrillo"  the actor, vaudevillian, cartoonist and conservationist.

Two G quena (s) made from 3/4" pex: 
#222  "man of few words" for John M. from 6AM
#254  " lunch with Gloria" for a time spent with my mother in law.

  Three G quena (s) made from 3/4" pex: (below)
#117  "George Grisby"  for the memorable character from Welles' "Lady from Shanghai".

#178  "Waymen Carver" for the jazz reedman and pioneer jazz flautist.

#180  "Bennie Moten" for the Kansas City Big Band leader and jazz pioneer. -SOLD

  Three G quena (s) made from 3/4" pex: (below)
#185  "Chick Webb" the jazz great (drummer) and band leader.

#187  "Buddy Dofu"  one of Jon's nicknames, with a tofu reference.

#198  "Buddy in the loft"  for Jon from our original Inaka.

  Three G quena (s) made from 3/4" pex: (below)
#263  "Capricorn" for the horoscope, one I love.

#291  "Horror Island" for the film with Dick Foran, Leo Carrillo and Fuzzy Knight.

#394  "Stella by Starlight" for the classic tune.

  Three G quena (s) made from 3/4" pex: (below)
 #409  "Bean's first road trip"  for my dog's first long trip to Sacramento

#410  "Paul Drake" for the PI character from Perry Mason.

#417  "All you need is love" for the John Lennon song.

  One C# minor quenilla (s) made from 3/4" pex: (below) to show scale
#391  "Honesty"  unselfishness, purity & love (from Rev. Speer 1909) 
Two G quenita (s) made from 1/2" pex: (below)
#250  "Billy Barty"  the actor, which I met at a friend's funeral in the 90's.

#293  "Four absolutes" Honesty, unselfishness, purity & love

Two G quena (s) made from 3/4" pvc: (below)
#10  " untitled"
#16  "Bean the turkey dog" for my dog, titled afterward.

 Most of these pieces are available. E mail, message or text for a quote. Once you've decided on a piece,  e mail me at: and I can send you a Pay Pal invoice, then ship it to you as soon as possible once payment is received.

Pieces missed will appear in a later part of the series  including any G shakuhachi's
and G minors.

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