Friday, October 11, 2013

The Old Home Place (flutes visit their origin)

The Old Home Place 

Four of my flutes visited their origin, the Lowe's store on Carmenita Rd in Norwalk. Once upon a time after an audit of my flute expenses online (from South America), I was killing time browsing in this Lowe's store. I came upon a five foot length of 3/4" pex which I had never heard of nor seen before. Upon examination of it's texture I thought "I might be able to make a flute" from this new material (pex). And the rest is history.

here is a shot of a miniature flute, quenita #304 in E flat "Focus on Sanity - Ornette"
named for Ornette Coleman's 1959 composition.  This miniature is made from 1/2" white pex. This aisle is near where I found the my first piece of pex, possibly the same place.

here is a shot of three flutes outside the same Lowe's store "The Old Home Place",  named for the Dillards tune.
on the left miniature E flat "Focus on Sanity" as mentioned above.
in the center  a quena in B flat minor "Fun House" #267. This quena is made from 3/4" red pex.  Named after a portion of a film by Orson Welles, "Lady From Shanghai" Much of the fun house section was cut from the film by Harry Cohn, part of the missing 1 hr. of that film. Most of the sets in the Fun House sequence were painted by Orson himself.
on the right a quenita in E flat # 255 "Castle". This quenita is named for the TV show of the same name and is made from 3/4" red pex.

this a reverse shot of the same three flutes.

this shot is similiar to the front shot above except for a different center flute.
The center flute in this shot is a quena in G minor #370 "The Essence of George Russell"
It is made from 3/4" red pex and is one in a series of flutes  named for George Russell, his music and compositions. "Essence of..." was an album recorded in Scandanavia and released on Sonet in the U.K.  A double album featuring "Electronic Sonata for souls loved by nature" which takes up side 1-2-3 of the album.

 this shot was taken on Hayden in Culver City in front a very odd building under construction, art in layers.... This is the G minor above, #370 "The Essence of George Russell".

and below another shot of that building...

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Flutes for school

Neighborhood School
in Sherman Oaks purchased six of these for the kids.

one of the C flutes (129) on top is still available.
and in the 2nd photo  D flute #102 in the center, and C# (#244) on it's right are still available.
the rest went to the school, except C128 which went to another customer.

and these two miniature bird flutes (mouth pieces for training and making bird sounds, etc)
were given to the Neighborhood School with the other flutes.


I have many other flutes in stock, in different sizes and in most major and minor keys.


this A flat was a custom piece made for Zena's hair salon in Tujunga. photo shows the top half...


here a some closeups of an A minor flute that I made for my wife Debra.