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A Flat flute series - part 1

A flat Flute series - part 1
 A flat flute series  (quena, etc.) 
(see note at end)

 Three A flat quena (s) made from 3/4" pex: (below)
#76  "Chopin" named for the great composer.
#91  "Herbie Mann" for the jazz flute musician. Famous for Memphis Underground and other albums.
#92 "Jobim" for the composer and musician from Brazil. His association with Stan Getz and other jazz musicians (and Sinatra) brought him worldwide fame as a composer of samba, etc. (the title on this flute was added after the picture)

 Three A flat quena (s) made from 3/4" pex: (below)
#121  "NCIS - LA" named for the TV show, spin off from NCIS. (another NCIS type show based in Los Angeles)
#165  "Basil Rathbone" for the British actor of stage, film and radio. Most known for his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes for Fox and Universal (with Nigel Bruce as Watson). A great character actor, and an accomplished swordsman as well, one of Hollywood's best. see Adventures of Robin Hood(38) and the Mark of Zorro(40).
#189 "Inaka dinner" for the a menu item at Inaka Restaurant in the period when it was mine. (late 70's).

Three A flat quena (s) made from 3/4" pex: (below)
#224  "Hank Quinlan" named for the character from the film "Touch of Evil". Played by Orson Welles, also the film's director.
#241  "Chopin, Opus 53 Heroic" for the composition by Chopin.
#242 "Quiet time" for the custom and practice from the Oxford group. It was used by early members of AA in group number 1 in Akron. It also the source of Step 11, prayer and meditation, the group conscience (and as such business meetings as well).

Three A flat quena (s) made from 3/4" pex: (below)
#257  "Kyle forgot his banjo" named for an incident at Vincenzo's one night.
 #258  "soup class" for my soup class, also using this blog (in the past). A number of flutes are named from food items or ideas from my restaurant (Inaka, years ago). MOst of my soups are vegetarian.
#294 "Gerald Wilson Orch." for the jazz trumpet great, who was also a composer, arranger and orchestra leader as well. His last performance locally was at Catalina's and Gerald is 96.

 Most of these pieces are available. E mail, message or text for a quote. Once you've decided on a piece,  e mail me at: and I can send you a Pay Pal invoice, then ship it to you as soon as possible once payment is received.

Pieces missed will appear in a later part of the series  including any A minor shakuhachi's, etc.

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