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B flat flute series - part 1

B flat Flute series - part 1
 B flat flute series  (quena, etc.) 
(see note at end)

 Three B flat quena (s) made from 3/4" pex: (below)
#52  "Satchmo"  named for the jazz great of the trumpet and cornet, Louis Armstrong.
 #54  "Dickens H.C." for the character from the film "Adventures of Robin Hood", actual name Dickon Malbete, played by Harry Cording character actor father of my friend Bill.
#57 "little grey cells" for the references made by Poirot in his novels and films, by Agatha Cristie.

  Three B flat quena (s) made from 3/4" pex: (below)
#59  "Buster Bailey"  named for the  jazz great of the clarinet, most know for his time with the original Fletcher Henderson Orch. and many great small group recordings of the 30's and 40's as well.
#89  "Peter Gunn" for the Mancini tune which was the theme of the Peter Gunn TV show.
#90 "Opie" for the character from the Andy Griffith show of the 60's played by Ronny Howard.

  Two B flat quena (s) made from 1" pex: (below)
#68  "Track 29"  named for the lyric from song "Chattanooga Choo Choo" sung by Tex Beneke with Glenn Miller's Orch. also referred to by a shoe shine boy in "Young Frankenstein".
#69  "Otis Spann" for the great blues piano player who became famous playing with Muddy Waters in Chicago on Chess.

 Four B flat quena (s) made from 1/2" PVC: (below)
#109  "Art Pepper"  named for the  jazz great of the alto sax from Stan Kenton and many recordings of his own over many years.
#207  "Asta" for the dog from the Thin Man series of films.
#208 "Willie's meeting 3-24-13" for the meeting at Willie's house, one specific day.
#375 "Elementary" for the Sherlock Holmes TV show with Johnny Lee Miller, Lucy Liu, Aidan Quinn and Jon Michael Hill.

   Three B flat quena (s) made from 3/4" pex: (below)
#126  "Johnny Dodds"  named for the  jazz great of the clarinet from the 1920's, etc famous for his recordings with Louis Armstrong.  - SOLD
#130  "Frog B.W." for the nickname of tenor sax jazz great Ben Webster.
 #133 "Albert Nicholas" for the New Orleans jazz great of the clarinet.

   Three B flat quena (s) made from 3/4" pex: (below)
#145  "Little Walter"  named for the  blues harmonica great.
#149  "You only live twice" for the James Bond film and book.  SOLD
 #174 "Stan Getz" for the tenor sax jazz great. From Woody Herman's four brothers band to many jazz recordings of his own and  bossa nova as well.

   Three B flat quena (s) made from 3/4" pex: (below)
#221  "H.A.L.T."  named for the  program idea: Hungry, Angry, Lonely and Tired.
#246  "Once I Loved" for the Jobim tune in it's English version by this title.
#298 "This to shall pass - 7olr" for the program idea, which I was reminded of one night at 7olr.

   Three B flat quena (s) made from 3/4" pex: (below)
#323  "Wham bam thank you ma'am  - Max Roachnamed for the  drum expression quoted by Max Roach.
#324  "Buddha speaks" for the Alanon friend Joe J. and how we sometimes referred to him.
#399 "I can't get started" for the standard tune.

  Two B flat quenita(s) made from 1/2" pex:
   One B flat quena made from 3/4" pex: (below)
#401  "Jordu '53 Duke Jordan"  named for the  jazz tune, it's composer and the year it was written.
#402  "Chant of the Weed" for the old jazz tune, written by Don Redman which was also the theme of his big band.
#434 "Hot and Anxious" for the jazz tune played by Fletcher Henderson and Don Redman in 1931. One of the derivatives of "In the Mood".
 Most of these pieces are available. E mail, message or text for a quote. Once you've decided on a piece,  e mail me at: and I can send you a Pay Pal invoice, then ship it to you as soon as possible once payment is received.

Pieces missed will appear in a later part of the series  including any B flat shakuhachi's
and B flat minors.

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