Monday, March 21, 2011

Class 3-20-11 Daikon Beet Miso & 4 Squash Azuki: two soups.

yesterday's class, albeit small was very productive.
 the soup stock to start: shiitake and kombu, soaking then cut.

some of the ingredients, being washed, cut, prepared...
not the best day for documenting each step... as it turned out.

testing a function on a new camera: my assistant.
the four squash azuki soup coming to life...

the daikon beet miso, an unusual miso...

two soups today, both vegan in ingredient.
also made today some organic kale and collard ohitashi, and organic rice as well.

and the finished product...

daikon beet miso (left) and 4 squash azuki (right)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Siberian Black-eyed Pea Soup 3-14-11 the soup du jour...

Today's soup was Siberian Black-eyed Pea soup. Siberian due to the Siberian Kale and since I watched Chaplin's "Limelight"(1952) today and he was a HUAC victim back in the day. A few pics during the process and a few finished ones, and some soup samplers.

another Saturday at Vincenzo's 3-12-11 The Grateful Dudes w/Roland White

Thought it would be a good idea to post these, taken with my phone (not the clearest of pics) but since it was a hall of fame night it seems appropriate.

First up, Dennis Fetchet (fiddle & mandolin), Patrick Sauber (mandolin, and later banjo), Herb Pedersen (guitar), Bill Bryson (bass) and John Plotnick (banjo and dobro). 

 And in the audience we see bluegrass legend Roland White.
And for the second set, Roland White joining in on mandolin, Patrick Sauber switching to mandolin, with Dennis, Herb and Bill.
 Then Patrick back on mandolin with his father Tom Sauber on the banjo, with Herb and Bill, also known as "Loafers Glory".
And for the rest of the second set and the third, the original lineup, Herb, Bill, Dennis, Patrick and John.
And it wouldn't be right if we didn't hear Herb sing "Wait a Minute",  in the picture above left.
Thanks to The Grateful Dudes (and Roger), Kyle for the table, and Ben for the pizza.  See you next week, with a slightly different cast of characters.