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C # Flute series - part 1

C # Flute series - part 1
 C # flute series  (quenilla, etc.) 
(see note at end)

 Three C # quenilla (s) made from 3/4" pex: (below)
#66  "Frankie light a match" named for a funny phrase used by my Aunt Betty on a holiday dinner night many years ago.
#107  "Tatum" for the jazz musician(piano). Best described by Ellington as "beyond category".
#217 "Ernie S." for the family dog of over 16 years that passed a while back. Great friend to my three kids and all of us.

 Three C # flutes:
1st.(quenacho)and 2nd. (quenilla)from 3/4" PVC, 3rd. from (s) made from 1/2" pex: (below)
#93  "Bones" named for the currently running TV show. (a prototype large quenacho)
#171  "Stubby Kaye" for the comic actor of stage and screen. Well known for many musicals, including his role as Nicely Nicely in Guys and Dolls. I also remember his part with Nat King Cole in Cat Ballou as troubadours. ( a stubby little quenilla)
#309  "Act as if" for the phrase allied with program which originates in
1954 Sam Shoemaker article (Christian Herald, reprinted Reader's Digest) "... By acting as if he had faith-until, indeed, there was an opening for God to come through." ( a miniature quenilla)

 Two C # quenilla (s) made from 1/2" pvc: (below)
#216  "727 N. Harvard Bl" named for an address in East Hollywood from the past.
#321  "Life will take on new meaning, P.89" for the quote from the Big Book, page 89.
2nd paragraph, chapter 7.

 One C# quenilla made from 1/2" pvc, Two C # quenilla (s) made from 3/4" pex: (below)
#219  "Don Redman" named for the great jazz musician, singer, composer, arranger and band leader. His theme song in the 1930's being "Chant of the Weed". (pvc)
#231  "Little Jimbo" for a friend from 6AM. the name originates in a joke on the Rockford nickname.
#244 "too many flutes" for the phrase uttered by my lovely wife.

 Three C # quenilla (s) made from 3/4" pex: (below)
#248  "Quincy Jones" named for the jazz musician, arranger, composer, producer and band leader.
#262  "Mona" for the a friend, Mona M.
#283 "Get your happy ass to a meeting" for a phrase often repeated by a 6AM friend, Margie T., made 6-21-13.

 Three C # quenilla (s) made from 3/4" pex: (below)
#322  "Entirely ready" for the program phrase, part of the sixth step.
#350  "Composite wheels" ...and metal wheels: named for my first skateboards.
#357 "First meeting of Bill and Bob" for the co-founders of AA, and their first meeting at the gatehouse of the Sieberling estate, on May 12, 1935.
 Most of these pieces are available. E mail, message or text for a quote. Once you've decided on a piece,  e mail me at: and I can send you a Pay Pal invoice, then ship it to you as soon as possible once payment is received.

Pieces missed will appear in a later part of the series  including any C# shakuhachi's
and C# minors.

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