Tuesday, April 9, 2013

7 shakuhachi

                                                           7 shakuhachi

These 7 shakuhachi are all made out of 1" pvc, hand made and hand painted by me. I do also make shakuhachi out of 3/4" pvc and 1" pex as well. The 1" pvc also are painted inside as well, with a red coating all the way through. Most of these are still available. Many of my pieces are also titled, as are all of these, and each has a story about the title.

D122 "Bird at St. Nick's" named for Charlie Parker and a recording of his from Feb. 1950 recorded at the St. Nicholas Arena in New York.

D164 "The Loft" named for the loft at Inaka back in the old days (late 1970's) when I was in charge there. The loft was in the kitchen and where we used to hide out and smoke etc. Buddy Dofu & Tommy would remember it.

 D166 "Square Meal" If you were a customer at the original Inaka you might remember the "square meal". It was a discount dinner we offered and by today's standards, and then, quite a bargain.

 D21 "Chakosan" is named after an old friend from the beginning of our restaurant, Inaka, and before. Chako was the name of the previous restaurant in the same location and the name of the owner. Chako was her nickname, real name Yasuko. My ex was her roommate when I first met her.

D173 "No Substitutions" was named after an owner of a restaurant I go to, which has a "no substitutions" rule currently. I do love the place, not a lot of great vegetarian places around.

D150 "Michio Seminar" was named after an event at Inaka in the late 70's. A weekend seminar on Macrobiotics with Michio Kushi.

D167 "Peck Rd Gravel Pit" was named after a location near Peck Rd where some of the art work was done while waiting for a job starting there, down in the hole.  This item is already owned by Nic Stavros, who is a flute student of mine.

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  1. contact me for a price on each of these, 6 are still available.