Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Flutes for sale 4.3.13

many Quenas and Shakuhachis (types of flutes) 
are already available (over 200 made)

  D and E flat quenachos

 B and G quenas

 A flat and B flat quenas

 A quenas &
 C and D quenillas

Quenas: A flat, B flat, B, G,
B minor, G minor, A flat minor, B flat minor
Quenachos: E, F, & F sharp 

Quenas: B flat and G
Quenachos: E, F & F sharp

A, D, E flat, and F shakuhachis

contact me for any custom orders or for anything here., call or text 818-464-5450 

also available on Etsy at:

or on Ebay at:

on either site search for "handmade hand painted flute" and you'll find my items.

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