Monday, March 7, 2011

Shiitake Squash Soup (with a kick), Kenjinjiru plus 4 Class 3-6-11

An improvised date for class, 3-6-11 at 1pm, a varied menu, a good time was had by all, even Ernie. My only plan going in was to try to do two soups.
It looks like the bottom of the barrel, the end of a soup I made in the crock pot the other day, a vegetable root stew(as it became in leftover form). It was a snack for some of us as we began.
 Some of the preparation for soup #1.
Actually preparing for both soups.

For soup #1: the stock with black beans as well, and more prep.

More prep and soup #1 evolves.
Soup #2: the stock, and softening the gobo.
Soup #2: the saute, and the stock with wakame and gobo added.
Soup # 2: in a general cooking phase, with most of the ingredients.
Some garnish for serving time for the same soup.

The ohitashi finished, kale and collard greens. Sorry the before pics didn't pass. And we have the moyashi being prepared, sauteed.

 Adding and blending (by hand) the varieties of miso.

The finished product: ohitash (2 types) and moyashi.
The shiitake squash soup (with a kick).
And the kenjinjiru variety, a winter miso soup.
All served with rice and some tangerines off our tree for dessert.
Thanks to class and family members for their assistance.

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  1. I missed one great pic of the stock from #1, but otherwise, I'm glad I got it out in a timely manner.