Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Class 2-26-11 A Tale of Two Soups...

A small group for class this day, but with my trusting number one student present. The weather was a bit odd, hail and snow...  first a few pickles made a few weeks ago.

tamari pickles: daikon and carrot
and today's theme became turning one soup into two different soups. forgive the lack of photos, the official scribe was performing elsewhere.
the offshoot soup, the smaller one became a daikon miso soup.

in any case it's not finished yet. the vegetable broth is near complete, merely missing the miso. without naming all the ingredients, onion, carrot, daikon, daikon leaves, and a hint of a few others as well.

 on the left: suribachi and surikogi and on the right: five kinds of miso (2 domestic and 3 Japanese). The darkest an Ohsawa hatcho miso courtesy of Mary.

after the miso is blended and added only minimal heating and the soup is done.  a daikon miso soup with daikon leaves.
 the main soup of the day was a black-eyed pea and greens soup. a soup with a southern, and a bit of a cajun flavor.

my assistant giving the beans a slight mash, ala red beans and rice.

a bit more spice... and some red sauce...

 and the finished product... 
which we ate again last night with friends...



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