Monday, October 3, 2011

Yelow Beet Miso 10.3.11

Today's soup was Yellow Beet Miso, arbitrarily titled. It features 7 misos and a variety of vegetables.
The saute in the process, not finished. And the stock with a few items added shiitake, wakame, daikon and Great Northern Beans.

The yellow beets in question, they seem large but were actually on the small side, and organic.

The saute in some later stages with the green chard and collards added, and with the tofu as well.

 The saute added to the soup in progress. And the seven types of miso.(sorry it's slightly out of focus).

the final soup in the pot and in a bowl a sample of the completed soup du jour.

and some of the same soup being served at a local meeting (free or course).... and a descriptive sign courtesy of my friend Judy D.   Next class coming up Sunday Oct. 16th at 1pm. Tell me on Facebook if you're interested, call or e mail me (  thanks Bob.

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