Friday, January 28, 2011

a soup blog, what do you think?

     According to my darling offspring, Mari (1 of 2), I should write a soup blog. Once upon a time I owned a restaurant in Hollywood, Inaka. Lately I've been teaching a soup class, here at home, to a few friends.
     so in Mari's honor, here goes.... this time just a few notes about one of the classes.
On Dec 4th, 2010 I took photos as we progressed with our soup. 
 sauteing a few items, including kale...
and in the soup pot, the soup stock with some roots added.
and the saute section almost completed, then to be added to the stock and cooked a bit more.
and this is the completed product. the soup du jour from class that Saturday in December.

sorry no specifics on the recipe. What I try to teach is to improvise with what you have, as naturally as possible.  Just e mail  or send me a message here or on FB, if you have any questions.

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