Wednesday, November 3, 2010

red beans and ricely yours...

This was a phrase Louis Armstrong signed his letters with. (Red Beans and Ricely yours, Louis) Red beans and rice are a staple of Cajun cooking and something I've come to embrace. I make soup on Monday's for a group of friends and this week it was a red bean soup, or more accurately just a red bean gravy. Well of course I made rice and they had the choice of a bowl of rice with or the rice in the soup. It was a soup with two types of red beans, chicken, hot links and a load of vegetables. It was well received, but for me it was even better the next day. This day old soup really WAS a red bean gravy. So with the ups and downs of election day I was soothed with some red beans and rice. With a few bowls left, I feel drawn to the kitchen right now. Once I get the request I might put up some recipes, although I am an improviser.

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