Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Flutes for school

Neighborhood School
in Sherman Oaks purchased six of these for the kids.

one of the C flutes (129) on top is still available.
and in the 2nd photo  D flute #102 in the center, and C# (#244) on it's right are still available.
the rest went to the school, except C128 which went to another customer.

and these two miniature bird flutes (mouth pieces for training and making bird sounds, etc)
were given to the Neighborhood School with the other flutes.


I have many other flutes in stock, in different sizes and in most major and minor keys.


this A flat was a custom piece made for Zena's hair salon in Tujunga. photo shows the top half...


here a some closeups of an A minor flute that I made for my wife Debra.

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