Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hi Dad in the Morning

Well, the first blog... I suppose I need to dedicate this to my father, Oz. As John Hartford might have said "Hi Dad in the morning". Just the other day I was driving east on Hwy 58 near Tehachipi and saw a train goin' through the mountains. Immediately I thought of my dad, that's part of my story how the trains remind me of my dad. And in fact I had the Ipod on and the song "Hi Dad in the morning" by John Hartford had played a bit earlier that morning. In a few minutes I'm goin' outside to take a few pics of my cactus flowers, a plethora if there ever was one. I grow these San Pedro cacti, started with one, now there seems to be a hundred of 'em, well almost. And quite possibly there could be a hundred flowers out there right now. Pictures to follow if I can do that. I'm sure dad would be proud of these, as he was a Tucson resident in his later years. Love you dad.

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